The Long, The Short And The Tall 

Life with Rescue Dogs

Happy Stories, Funny Stories, Sad Stories,
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 The Long, The Short and The Tall. Life with Rescue Dogs.

The Long, The Short and The Tall.
Life with Rescue Dogs.

Chris Brooks grew up with animals; as a little girl, her best friend and guardian was a dog.

Growing up, nothing changed and over more than twenty years, She adopted or rescued a pot pourri of dogs, from a three legged terrier to an abandoned grey hound to a Spanish Podenco .

This is the story of her journey through life with some of the mutts and mongrels who shared it; from the alluring to the alarming, the tranquil to the timid, the serene to the certifiable. 

Meet Chris' dogs from over the years; Fudge the geriatric Labrador, Bracken the ten stone Rottweiler found abandoned and dangerous; but most of all, meet the Gang of Four, Seamus, Shannon, Minnie and Duncan the Canine Tripod.

All Rescue Dogs, but all unique and with very difference backgrounds and personalities: Seamus, abandoned, Shannon, abused by a paedophile, Minnie, condemned for aggression and Duncan, the puppy amputee from being hit by a car. They bonded with each other and with Chris in a unique relationship that was 'The Gang of Four'. Read their story for an unforgettable experience.


I sit down in the lounge with my new purchases, nothing exciting, a couple of printer cartridges, some staples, a set of highlighters and a roll of sticky tape, all in a brown paper bag. I start rummaging through. Seamus notices and trots over. He sits squarely in front of me, watching with interest.

“Can I have that?”

I look at the printer cartridge I have just taken out. “Why do you want a printer cartridge Seamus? It’s no good as a toy.”

“No, not that. That” His nose and slightly droopy ear tips triangulate on the bag of stationary.

“No you can’t have staples. They’re dangerous.”

“No Silly. Not those. That.”

The purchases are now in a small heap on the settee and Seamus is pointing at the paper bag in my hand.

Ahh…. Got it.

I crinkle the bag slightly and it makes an intriguing, rustling sound. The triangulated ears twitch and Seamus’ rump shifts.

“Would you like this, totally ace and cool, brown paper bag?”

Seamus smiles and wags his tail. “Yes please.”

I make another small crunchy sound with the brown paper, then offer it to him. Seamus reaches forward and takes the bag, ever so daintily, from me with his front teeth, and then carries it in triumph, held aloft, out into the back garden. He settles on the lawn with his prize and starts to nibble it into minute pieces.

An hour later the bag has been processed into compost and I sweep it under a shrub where it can rot into the soil.


Five Stars "Tears & laughter - A 'Must Read' book "Laurie Lawrence
“Brilliant! Most enjoyable heartwarming read by an author who is totally chilled and at home with her dogs and nature ........ Chris's personality shines through, which has helped me to try to "chill a little more" over my two dogs, rescued from the vile puppy farm trade. You will shed a tear or two, but you will also smile and chuckle your way through these pages. Read this on Kindle, but now ordered in paperback ... no more 'battery running low' just as I'm wanting to turn the page for more!”

Five Stars "A Heartwarming Read" Sandra S
“Just finished this wonderful book, The Long, The Short and The Tall. A really good read for anyone especially animal lovers, it has everything, comical in parts, gut wrenching in others & so sad you could cry. Christine’s writing is awe inspiring, I felt as though I was actually there with her on her walks with her Gang of Four! I loved it & can't wait for September when her life with her fur babies continues....”

Five Stars "Heartwarming & Captivating" Francine Haynes
“An absolute must for all who love animals, but equally appealing to anyone else. It's only drawback is that once started you cannot put this book down. I laughed and cried; Yes, really cried in places at the sheer tenacity of both animals and humans portrayed within. Chris Brooks, you are a born story teller and I look forward, immensely, to Scrumping for Lemons. When will it be ready?”

Five Stars "For Dog Lovers" Momma Snider
"I love dogs. I love to understand their personalities and their quirks, and I love to look into their eyes as they gaze at me as I wonder what is really going through their minds. This book introduced me to several new dog friends and I came to love them as the author does. The descriptions of the different dogs, as well as the scenery in several different areas of England touched me deeply. I look forward to other works by Chris Brooks!"