Another Perfect Day in Paradise

Absolutely stunning day today. After several days of rain and stormy weather, the sun and the blue skies arrived in style. 

We spent the morning clearing rubbish from the garden for bonfires and trying to prune some of the oranges back under control. Both of us got shredded by old palms fronds as we tipped them into the bonfire; where the palm gets its reputation as a symbol for peace defeats me. Handling them is a fraught experience. it's like trying to juggle a bag of kitchen knives. Both of us got blood everywhere after being stabbed in the hands, arms, legs, and in my case the, um, 'chest'.

But we got the job done. Then I took Eddie and Blanca up the track. The sun was hot. The air was cool. Perfect.

Spain is in flower and it ranges between pretty and amazing. The bee orchids are out. So are the wild 'sweet peas', wild alliums, honeysuckle is breaking out....

I came across one slightly macabre discovery on a wild allium, of a spider that had captured a bee, poor thing, but we all have to eat. As the saying goes, 'Happiness is being at the top of the food chain'.

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