Goodbye Duncan

Duncan the Tripod

My  little old tripod, Duncan, almost seventeen years old, took his last journey yesterday. He had suffered from a failing liver for some months, and over the last few days, fighter though he always was, things were too much for him and I had to say 'Goodbye'.

He was a true terrier; loyal, devoted, always happy and he always did his best. I'd like to be able to say all that of many people I can think of.

Duncan was the last survivor of my 'Gang of Four', the group of rescue dogs that feature so heavily in my book 'The Long, The Short and The Tall. Life with Rescue Dogs.' It really does feel like the end of an era.

It is ironic that, after all these years, I should lose him on the day that the paperback about them became available.

Goodbye Little Man. I miss you. xx