The service I offer is very much customised. Every client has different requirements and every personalised poem is different.

For a simple "ditty", suitable for insertion into a birthday card, and invitation, or even a "Sorry I Forgot...." card - four to six lines, e-mailed to you, the cost is £5 - £10.

The price for something more complicated, a three verse, four lines per verse poem, starts at £30, depending on the complexity of your requirements. For a three verse lyric with chorus, to an existing melody, the price is £100. 

If you would like something longer or more complex I will be happy to quote.

More intricate pieces, needing consideration and careful construction take time. If you have threads of thought you wish to express poetically, it is better to take a little longer for a perfect result. I will consider these pieces on a case by case basis. Please contact me with your specific ideas or storyline and I will be happy to discuss them with you and provide a quote for your poem or lyric.

Delivery to you by e-mail of your poem is free. I will supply the poem as a plain text document and as a printable image file (jpg) for you to print yourself. This image can be on a pretty border, a photo background or it can incorporate a photo of your own. You can see examples around this website.

If you are looking for a package - for example, for a wedding (Best Man's poem, Bride's Dad's poem, mini-poems as place settings for guests, etc; then I will be happy to quote on a case by case basis.


4 to 6 lines for card, invitation etc
Delivered by e-mail as plain text

3-4 verses, four lines per verse
Presented on appropriate background and e-mailed as a single page image file ready for printing

Per Extra Verse
Each extra four line verse

Your Own Photo
Incorporating your Own Photo or Image into Artwork - your image must be of appropriate digital quality

Printing Poem
Printing poem with artwork/background on quality paper using professional printer. Includes UK delivery. The printing size will be A4 unless you tell me otherwise in advance.

Song Lyric
3 or 4 verse song lyric with chorus to your tune. You will need to provide me a music file in a standard format.

Commercial Use
The right to use the lyrics for commercial purposes. e.g. for marketing, or for sale of your song.

None of the Above?
Contact me and we can discuss your requirements




From £30