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Sleeping Alone

A Song for Lovers for whom, to be alone, is not to be lonely.

Lyrics by Chris Brooks.

Music composed, arranged, sung and recorded by Zaira Nubile and Jorge Gabriel Ro.

Sleeping Alone

I lie abed alone at night and see with only dreaming eye
Through panes, the moon casts silver trace
And shadows form my lover’s face
Beside me now my lover lies

With tender word and warm caress, my love and I make song
Our spirits, souls and bodies twine
I reach to touch this lover mine,
To whom my heart belongs

Outside the moon is bright and clear; a velvet night and deep.
Though beside me empty sheets I find
A warm embrace around me twines,
And my love and I shall sleep.

Musicians: you know the problem, the melody runs through your head and you know what you want to say; but you just can't find the words to make it work.

Or perhaps you have a tune going and you know that's its worth working up into a real song, but you can't find the lyric to work with your music.

You have all the musical talent in the world, but if the words just don't come to you, then you need some help. 

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Let's see if I can deliver what you are looking for. Simply let me have a copy of your track/tune/melody on some common audio format. If you have ideas on what you would like to say, let me have them. I am very happy to give you a sample'taster' of my ideas for you to decide if what I have in mind will work for you. Otherwise, give me a day or two and I will deliver you something beautiful.

And my words are not set in stone. If it needs some reworking, or an extra verse, or adjustments to the chorus, I can do that for you.

The sample track above left, 'Sleeping Alone' is an example of my lyrics; music, arrangement and perfomance by Zaira Nubile and Jorge Gabriel Ro.