Spanish Journals - The Posthumous Diary of an Expat: Part One - Integration. By A.R. Lowe

Brilliantly Funny!

If you are looking for a good chuckle, try this Kindle book. It is the first of a set of four books, 'Integration', 'Invasion', 'Consolidation' and 'Conclusion'. I enjoyed them all immensely although I thought this one, the first of the set was best, and the fourth, the weakest.

They feature (the clue's in the title) the diaries of one Ernest Postlethwaite, who moves to Spain with his long suffering wife and dreams of being a 'peasant' among similar stout and honorable peasants. Unfortunately for Ernest, he is utterly unsuited to the rural lifestyle, having no experience and even less talent for anything even vaguely horticultural, mechanical or practical. Neither does he have any talent for the language, which does not improve his situation.

What he does have, is a giant ego, and a sense of pomposity and snobbery that takes him far in his quest to become a horny handed son of the soil.

 Spanish Journals. The Posthumous Diaries of an Expat by A. R. Lowe.

Spanish Journals. The Posthumous Diaries of an Expat by A. R. Lowe.

The books are not long and written in a light, easy to read style. There are a number of real side-splitting moments, which I will not reveal (spoilers!), but judging by the number of other very good reviews on the book, I was not the only person to read and laugh out loud.

I read the book, because an Amazon search showed that Ernest was actually moving to an area not far at all, from where I am now living in La Safor Valley, and, Ernest's predilictions and idiosyncracies aside, the description of this area of Spain is not bad at all.

I highly recommend the book. Five Stars.

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